At Grey Shutter we believe in creativity, art and collaboration. We are a conscious team of creatives and we value our interpersonal relationships with our clients. Our style is bold and impactful.

If you would like to work with us drop us an email to creative@greyshutter.co.uk

We will be happy to discuss your ideas, here are the services we offer:


At Grey Shutter we are not only creative people, we are also technical people. After talking through your requirements we will provide exceptionally sharp, high resolution files suitable for everything all the way from social up to large format printing if need be.


Art Direction
We will provide you with a stylish, comprehensive and creative mood board based on your own concept, or we will come up with the concept all together based on your brand's identity, motto and project specific requirements.


Prop/Set Design
We are able to not just design but also build props and sets for your project.


Post Production
We will deliver your final images masterfully retouched to our highest standards of quality and respect. We will only do the necessary edits on your images, we believe in natural results and real beauty.



Grey Shutter is a creative studio located in North London. 
We specialise in fashion and product photography with a special focus on contemporary design and sustainable brands.